Movements and activists across the world are demanding climate justice – solutions to the climate crisis that focus on the needs of people, are fair, and reject false solutions that serve only the few.

We know that the solutions to the climate crisis will require an emergency mobilization on an unprecedented scale, and this website is a tool to help understand the scale of the challenge and how to address it fairly.

It draws on the demands, visions, declarations, and statements of groups across the world to build a practical application of climate justice principles in sharing the effort between all peoples and countries in the world.

We demand action from everyone, but we don’t believe that everyone is equally responsible for the crisis. We hope this tool will help differentiate between those with a ‘climate debt’ to pay, and those who are less responsible but are nonetheless required by the planetary emergency to drastically shift from ‘business as usual’ and embrace a cleaner and safer future, while receiving the support they need to do so.

We recognise that climate change is a symptom of a broader crisis. By imagining limits on human consumption and by proposing ways to share resources and effort between peoples we can treat the causes of that crisis whilst addressing climate change.

As the world moves toward another international agreement under the UN we expect this tool to shape expectations and understandings of what that agreement must deliver.

An example of the vision that inspired this tool is available here.

If you would like to add your organisation’s name in support of the Climate Fairshares solution please contact us.